We have always believed that good, unified access to data results in better feedback for our artists, helps production efficiently track shows and gives management an accurate, global view of the progression and projected future of the company. This is why we were one of the first adopters of Shotgun, in the early days of it’s Beta.

Our local Shotgun instance is highly customized for our complex production needs.

Our customization include:

Custom trans coder for higher quality web media
Hundreds of automation, for dynamic live calculations, up-to-date production tracking and quick review and feedback
Optimized database, indexed for high speeds based on our most intensively used tools
Highly scalable docker infrastructure, for long-term growth without sacrificing speed or downtime

We use Shotgun to visualize each show and it’s progress, as well as to see all shows together as a whole. With these insights, planning for availability, projecting new shows and minimizing overhead become much simpler.