SIGGRAPH 2019 wrapped up last week in Los Angeles and we are thrilled to have participated in one of the year’s most important global events in computer graphics, animation, VR, gaming, and emerging technologies.

Stranger Things Season 3 Draws A Crowd

Our Head of Animation, Yvon Jardel, delivered a prodigious presentation alongside overall VFX Supervisor Paul Graff as part of the The VFX in Netflix Series panel. For the second year in a row, Rodeo FX’s achievements are at the forefront of SIGGRAPH’s production sessions, delivering a behind-the-scenes look at the visual effects of Stranger Things 3 to an audience of 1, 200 fans.


The Ingenuity of Our Developers Unveiled

Sébastien Dalgo, R & D engineer at Rodeo FX, participated in Pixar’s annual presentation on the latest news in USD (Universal Scene Description). He gave an overview of recent technological advances developed by our teams.

Robin De Lillo, technical lead at Rodeo FX, joined Sébastien for a presentation on an internal tool exploring how USD – this new technology that increases the efficiency of exchanges between different software – could be integrated into our production pipeline. 


The CG Pipeline of the Future

VFX supervisor Peter Nofz was invited to participate in Side FX’s panel to discuss the challenges of CG pipelines, the solutions designed to overcome those challenges, and where pipeline design is going next. 

Job Fair

Our HR team participated once again at the Job Fair where we had the chance to meet hundreds of artists and discuss with them about Rodeo FX career opportunities. As always, the SIGGRAPH Job Fair proved to be a great opportunity to recruit talented people from around the world, and to offer professional advice to students and VFX newcomers.

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