Rodeo FX’s mission is to encourage the next generation of VFX artists. This is why the Ranch program was created. It bridges the gap between schools and working in VFX studios. A 6-week, structured training allows interns and graduates to learn and grow while being mentored by excellent VFX artists in their specialty.

The Ranch is an extraordinary chance to be immersed in the world of VFX!

For this edition, the Ranch will be offered in a virtual version.


A paid 6-week summer internship program that uses real work delivered by Rodeo FX artists as case studies to develop students’ knowledge and skills.

• 35h/week


• June 28th to August 6th, 2021
• Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm


• Open to interns and new graduates
• Passionate, resourceful and meticulous VFX artists
• This summer, the internship specialization are: lighting, compositing, animation CGI and FX


The candidate needs to have recently graduated from a former school or must complete a VFX internship as part of a scholar curriculum.

Canadian citizen or permanent resident ONLY



Summer Ranch 2021 Application

  • A link to a personal demo or a school project in your specialty that you are proud of. Please note, if the work was done as a team, be sure to indicate your personal contribution to the project (we want to be able to evaluate your work, not the other’s work).
  • Give us one of your teacher’s name that we can contact.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.