182 Shots

Project Info

Release Date: June 10th, 2016



Duncan Jones


Universal Pictures

Overall VFX Supervisor

Jeff White

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Arnaud Brisebois

VFX Producer

Mélanie La Rue

CG Supervisor

Fabrice Vienne

Compositing Supervisors

Wayne Brinton

Laurent Spillemaecker

By finessing environment creation and set extensions in collaboration with Industrial Light and Magic, the film’s main vendor, our artists helped transform the wildly popular video game into a compelling narrative for the big screen, including familiar characters, action, and the magical feeling of the original gaming experience

We constructed 360-degree enclosed digital environments; one of these takes place in a canyon, a scene in which the character Medivh (Ben Foster) creates a wall of lightning for protection. We used plates shot on a set that captured the top of the canyon and combined these with 2D concept art from the production. Our team extended the canyon in all directions, fully in CG, adding digital matte paintings in the background.

Leveraging the iconography of the game, whenever a spell is cast in the film, it materializes in the form of a rune flying through the air. Our artists were tasked with creating the symbols and finding a suitable visual style, another example of transitioning video game graphics into cinema. We also extended and enhanced environments for a forest scene in which an attacking army approaches, in this case sharing assets with ILM.