50 Shots

67 Crew Members

3 Sequences

Project Info

Release Date: May 22nd, 2015



Brad Bird


Walt Disney Pictures

Overall VFX Supervisors

Craig Hammack

Eddie Paquarello

Overall VFX Producer

Tom C. Peitzman

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisors

Ara Khanikian

Xavier Fourmond

VFX Producer

Audrey Boivin

CG Supervisor

Mikaël Damant-Sirois

Compositing Supervisor

Xavier Fourmond

Our work on this film includes digital matte painting, bluescreen compositing, scene enhancements, CG effects and simulation, and a thrilling sequence in which the central characters escape in a rocket-propelled bathtub pod moments before their farmhouse explodes. The house, silo, pod, and its plasma trail are all CG, while the background environment is a digital matte painting.

We also created a sequence in which Frank, as a boy, flies using a jet pack, for which we replaced and enhanced the sky, added a CG jet trail, stitched plates, and added practical debris and particles to show the boy’s point-of-view as he flies through grass and over a fence, before crash-landing into a cornfield. For a sequence with the principal characters in the Eiffel Tower, we took plates of actors shot against a bluescreen, then stitched live plates from the production shoot in Paris and re-projected them as a matte painting.