430 Shots

190 Crew Members

50 Sequences

Project Info

Release Date: October 23rd, 2015



Breck Eisner


Summit Entertainment

Overall VFX Supervisor

Nick Brooks

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Ara Khanikian

VFX Producer

Tara Conley

CG Supervisor

Sébastien Francoeur

Compositing Supervisor

Martin Larrivée

As the lead vendor, we created environments, simulations and 150 CG assets for sequences combining 31 minutes of this occult action movie. Our compositing work and extensions in matte painting included the massive 600-foot tall witch Oaktree and its surrounding valley, the interior of a church in the hollow of the trees, glowing walls revealing witch prisoners, and an impressive Gummy Bear Garden.

Our FX team added a touch of magic by flying our 3D plane through a violent electrical storm in the opening scene. We also created flaming swords and pentagrams, the impressive force field as Kaulder fights Belial, not to mention numerous insects. From flying butterflies and moths coming out of a suitcase to the plague flies, everything was there to give the chills.

For the climactic fight between Kaulder and the Queen Witch, our team created an impressive simulation where our CG Queen Witch erupts in flames as layers of her flesh fall to ashes. Among the many other elements made entirely in 3D, we contributed Kaulder’s hand dislocating to escape his handcuffs and horrible faces of the models during the fashion show.

This film was Rodeo FX’s third collaboration with special effects supervisor Nick Brooks, having previously worked with him on Lucy and Now You See Me.