100 Shots

Project Info

Release Date: November 22nd, 2013



Francis Lawrence



Overall VFX Supervisor

Janek Sirrs

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

François Dumoulin

VFX Producer

Marie-Cécile Dahan

Art Director

Deak Ferrand

As director Francis Lawrence wanted to personalize the various districts and give them a defined identity, our team created 2.5D matte paintings, as well as CG vehicles to enhance the rural and austere environments.

Art Director Deak Ferrand conceived photo realistic and seamless environments for the various districts ; variations of set extensions were also generated, as the seasons were chasing throughout the film. Our Director of Photography, Robert Bock, shot a number of plates such as skies, rivers, buildings, crowds and atmospheric elements to populate the backgrounds and add some life and realism.

Our artists were also involved in the creation of giant LED screens featured in multiples scenes. Our motion graphics department creatively designed and animated the content of the screens, but the biggest challenge was the integration of the screen and graphics in the live plate, because of the focal length and depth of field variations made during the original shooting. An impressive technical achievement, as lens effects are pretty delicate and require extreme precision.

VFX Breakdown