249 Shots

377 Crew Members

125 Assets

15729 Frames

Project Info

Release Date: June 4th, 2021



New Line Cinema

Overall VFX Producer

Eric Bruneau


Michael Chaves

Executive Producer

Mark Brown

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisors

Arnaud Brisebois

Mikaël Damant-Sirois

CG Superviors

Fabrice Vienne

Josee Chapdelaine

Composition Supervisors

Félix Vallières

Gaël Chopin

Executive Producer

Isabelle Langlois


Claire Callway

VFX Coordinators

Camille Michaud

Gabrielle Chouinard

Liat Har-Gil

Our work begins where this strange but true American story also begins: in a waterbed. For those who didn’t live through the waterbed period, here’s an explainer. Take a large plastic mattress, fill it with water, place it in a frame that cradles it into rectangular form, and voila, you sleep on water! The revelation in this new film directed by Michael Chaves is a demon living in a waterbed…possessing a young boy named David.

Our artists got to work making this 3rd instalment making rats, crowds, haunted beds, and something called ‘witch vision’ which you’ll have to see to believe. There was FX and CG splicing and all kinds of surprises. As a project, it was unique because there were so many shots done in such a short amount of time which meant our artists worked very closely with the director throughout.

We hope you get the chills!