53 Shots

52 Crew Members

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Release Date: July 26th, 2019



Eric Kripke


Amazon Studios

VFX Supervisor

Stephan Szpak-Fleet

VFX Producer

Phillip Hoffman

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisors

Ara Khanikian

Julien Hery

VFX Producer

Annie Normandin

CG Supervisor

Patrice Poissant

Compositing Supervisor

Julien Hery

Our team contributed to several episodes of the new gore comedy series from Amazon, The Boys.

With the help of compositing and practical shots involving veal brains, we were able to create an intimate bloody sequence that is sure to stand out among viewers. Our work on the show also included several shots of the Invisible Man dressed as Santa Claus as well as a fight between two supes for which we enhanced blood effects and created CG knives.

Using look development and compositing, our team delivered a night vision sequence in which a supe starts to glow and explodes, tearing an entire building to the ground.

Crew Picture