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Release Date: May 31st, 2013



Louis Letterier


Summit Entertainment

Overall VFX Supervisor

Nick Brooks

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Ara Khanikian

VFX Producer

Isabelle Langlois

CG Supervisor

Sébastien Francoeur

We produced 350 complex VFX shots for Now You See Me, serving as the film’s main VFX vendor. Our team worked over a year to create a diverse array of shots for the film, comprising 23 total minutes of visual effects-driven screen time.

Asked to add our magic touch to a dozen sequences, our team created complex crowd simulation to fill the thousands of seats in the MGM Grand Hotel and Savoy Theater. Our CG team also created millions of CG Euros fluttering in the air and a digital version of the teleportation portal magical prop named the “Crusher”, bringing all the power of magic to this breathtaking illusion stunt.

Using matte paintings, we created virtual sets for aerial shots of the cities of Manhattan and Chicago. The display and billboards of the “Four Horsemen” show in Las Vegas are also our work, as were the smoke and holograms that emanate from the floor. Our team created numerous additional CG images, including CG deck of cards being thrown in the air, giant bubbles bursting in the air, police chase scenes with CG cars and helicopters, actor doubles and even a CG rabbit.

The “pièce de resistance” is most certainly the highly complex “Five Points” motion graphics-driven sequence, for which our team elaborated digital projections of spectacular lights on the facades of a gigantic building.











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