85 Shots

275 Crew Members

4 Sequences

102 Assets

9329 Frames

Project Info

Release Date: June 9th, 2021



Marvel Studios

VFX Supervisor

Sandra Balej

VFX Producer

Allison Paul


Kate Herron

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisors

François Dumoulin

Julien Hery

FX Supervisor

Dominik Kirouac

Executive Producer

Chad Nixon


Mélanie La Rue

CG Supervisor

Josee Chapdelaine

Animation Supervisor

Bernd Angerer

Comp Supervisor

Brandon Blevins

VFX Coordinators

Bradley Wilson

Eugenie Pigeonnier


Yoann Lavallée

Rodeo FX touched many aspects of this magical, mysterious adventure with the mischievous Loki. We achieved invisible but magical set extensions and then contributed a lot of fun plot devices used by the TVA or “Time Variant Authorities” including time doors, time sticks and reset charges.

Of the 85 shots completed, many were set extensions and the remainder were those FX-heavy plot devices designed to help the characters hop around in time.

Enjoy this God of Mischief’s new storied expansion of the MCU!