81 Shots

65 Crew Members

6 Assets

Project Info

Release Date: March 10th, 2017



Jordan Vogt-Roberts


Warner Bros.

Overall VFX Supervisor

Jeff White

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Ara Khanikian

VFX Producer

Julie Cardinal

CG Supervisor

Alexandre Ménard

Compositing Supervisor

Stéphane Rioux

During the film’s opening sequence, a plane crashes into a beach after a dogfight. Our CG team digitally created the crashing plane along with the debris and smoke simulations of the plane plummeting down.

As the opening fight moves from the beach to a cliff side, our team made the environment look like the South Pacific would have looked in the 1940s. In compositing, we brought together the plates, which were shot on set in Australia and in studio, and we added the digital landscape provided by ILM.

We took ILM’s CG background and rendered it as a flat 360-degree image that we could map on a sphere, and we added foliage, haze and smoke. Our lighting artists made the scene look like it took place during a golden hour with the glow and flares from the sun setting, creating a very warm mood.

In flashback scene, we stitched together a blue screen plate of performers enacting a demonstration with a second plate of the taxi interior. We developed a digital treatment to replicate the grainy 16 mm look of the rest of the footage, dialing down the effect as the shot transitions to the film’s present-time.

Later in the film, as the explorers go through a ship wreckage, a labyrinth of pillars covered with hieroglyphics line up to form images telling the story of Kong. The precise alignment of pillars required for each shot meant that there was no standardized CG setup. Continuity took the backseat to favor the storytelling. We treated each shot as a hero shot, where we fine-tuned the CG pillars and artwork via modeling, layout, and lighting, to create the sequence and to allow it to visually tell Kong’s history with the Iwi natives.




We tied in background elements with the foreground, which we had dressed with additional vegetation to create a dense jungle around the fighters.