96 Shots

40 Crew Members

16 Sequences

6 Assets

Project Info

Release Date: December 20th, 2017



Jake Kasdan



Overall VFX Supervisor

Jerome Chen

Overall VFX Producer

Scott Puckett

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Alexandre Lafortune

VFX Producer

Mélanie La Rue

CG Supervisor

Mikaël Damant-Sirois

Compositing Supervisor

Stéphane Rioux

Animation Supervisor

Yvon Jardel

The sequel to the 1995 family classic takes the story of a board game that’s come to life and brings it to the digital age by transforming a group of teens into avatars and trapping them inside a video game jungle. To help create an alternate game world, our team’s creature expertise was brought in.

We were tasked with key creatures including the Hippo and Black Mamba, as well as a variety of critters and crocodiles that enhance the sinister tone of the film. Our work on the film also features a range of matte paintings and environments.

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Rodeo FX on this film. I relied on Alexandre Lafortune and his team to help us with sequences requiring full conceptualization and execution from start to finish. Alex and his team’s artistic abilities raised the quality of the imagery in our film and we are grateful for their participation.

Jerome Chen

VFX Breakdown



The Hippo is a great example of a creature that would have appeared scary if we had made it look real, so we made it bigger and faster and changed the pink flesh in its mouth to black. These changes make the Hippo fit in with the comedy.



Our team created the CG Black Mamba snake based on a puppet used on set by the actors. We used a 3D scan of the prop and brought it to life in CG, making key adjustments to its appearance, including colouring and mouth shape.



To fit the video game theme, we created the 2D player menu in 3D to add texture and nuance.

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