24 Shots

28 Crew Members

17 Sequences

3298 Frames

Project Info

Release Date: October 31st, 2019



Carlton Cuse

Graham Roland

Production Studio

Amazon Studios


Amazon Studios

VFX Supervisor

Erik Henry

VFX Producer

Juliette Yager

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Deak Ferrand

VFX Producer

Graeme Marshall

Executive Producer

Cheryl Bainum

Compositing Supervisor

Félix Vallières

We teamed up for the second time on the Jack Ryan Amazon series with VFX supervisor Erik Henry and VFX producer Juliette Yager to provide invisible Matte paintings replacing Columbia for Venezuela and Downtown Tampa, Florida.

During a riot taking place in a government palace, we replaced statues and architectural features of the buildings shot in Bogota, Columbia to make it look like it was taking place in Caracas, Venezuela.

The same was done for a sequence showing the skyline of Downtown Tampa, the plates for these shots were filmed on a river in Cartagena at dawn.

We also replaced and added a projected matte painting of the Tampa skyline seen from multiple angles.

In addition, we provided a variety of alterations to plates, creating the Caracas Airport, the US embassy in Moscow, the Eprius building as well as an airport control tower.

It is always a real thrill to create work that will be invisible to the audience, helping them to fully engage with the intrigues and drama that take place in the Jack Ryan adventures.