95 Shots

Project Info

Release Date: September 8th, 2017



Andrés Muschietti


Warner Bros.

Overall VFX Supervisor

Nick Brooks

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Arnaud Brisebois

VFX Producer

Annie Cliche

CG Supervisor

Alexandre Ménard

Compositing Supervisor

Emile Harvey

Charles Labbé

Animation Supervisor

Yvon Jardel

Based on King’s 1986 eponymous novel, the story follows a shape-shifting evil presence known as Pennywise, the dancing clown, brought to life by our CG team.

We created CG assets to enhance or completely replace actor Bill Skarsgård’s Pennywise as he takes different shapes to personify each kid’s biggest fear. Our team built a detailed Pennywise digi-double hold up for both wide, high-energy animation shots, and tight close-ups.

Referencing production concept art, we hand sculpted, textured and animated all variations of Pennywise’s transformations, including extreme body contortion, full head morphs, distorting facial features, and elongating arms shape-shifting to tentacles and to insect-like appendages.

For the Ancient Cistern, production built a 16 feet high, fully dressed enclosed set. We created a digital version of the set, extending it to 160 meters high and expanding the central toy tower by instancing multiple toy assets and clothes from various decades. Our team also created a library of digital kids to populate the set, floating lifelessly around the toy tower.







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