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Release Date: November 11th, 2011



Tarsem Sigh

Production Studio

Relativity Media


Relativity Media

Overall VFX Supervisor

Raymond Gieringer

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Mathieu Raynault

VFX Producer

Tara Conley

Our team took an active part in the development of the look and feel of Immortals. Directly involved at the conceptual stage, we worked with the art department to determine the film’s aesthetics. We created many key environments such as Mount Tartars, a huge environment with a dam and the mountain where the Titans were imprisoned, as well as a CG army in this sequence consisting of thousands of soldiers. Rodeo FX was responsible for creating the encampment and also the shrine set, both of these key environments for many of our matte painting establishing shots. Towards the end of shot delivery, our studio swooped into improve 10 shots and the monastery asset to create the aesthetic VFX Supervisor Raymond Gieringer was after, and had not been able to previously obtain. The scope of the work on this film was huge and involved the coordination of all our departments.