189 Shots

110 Crew Members

Project Info

Release Date: April 12th, 2015




Overall VFX Supervisor

Joe Bauer

Overall VFX Producer

Steve Kullback

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Matthew Rouleau

VFX Producer

Isabelle Langlois

Rodeo FX completed close to 200 visual effects shots for the 5th season of acclaimed series Game of Thrones, and we are incredibly proud to see our work rewarded with prestigious awards like an Emmy Award, a HPA Award and a VES Award for Outstanding Created Environment in an Episode, Commercial or Real Time Project.

Our team used their talent in animation, digital environments and crowd multiplication to create key sequence, including the masterful scene that kicked off the season, where you see the harpy statue, standing tall at the top of Meereen’s pyramid and then crumbling and falling off the pyramid, crashing on the ground, in a cloud of smoke and debris.

Besides creating the smokey sea et the impressive digital environment of the city of Valeria in ruins, we were tasked with building volants from the ground up. Our team created the city entirely in 3D, as well as the monumental bridge leading to it, that we populated with houses and shops, alive with activity. We literally modelled and textured the whole scene, from the structure of the bridge to detailed gutters, roof tiles, windows and tiles. This 3D work for the foreground was completed with a matte painting environment in the background.

This is a great follow-up for Rodeo FX, for we had previously won, with other vendors, the Emmy Award for Best Visual Effects for our work on Season 4.