114 Shots

14 Sequences

291 Assets

12314 Frames

Project Info

Release Date: November 23rd, 2021



David S. Goyer


Rupert Sanders

Alex Graves

Roxann Dawson

Jennifer Phang


Skydance Media


Apple TV+


Mike Enriquez

Chris MacLean


Addie Manis

Victoria Keeling

Rodeo FX Crew


Arnaud Brisebois


Louis-Charles Lapointe

Executive VFX Producer

Jordan Soles

CG Supervisor

Fabrice Vienne

Environment Supervisor

Olivier Goulet

FX Supervisor

Omar Meradi

Compositing Supervisors

Felix Vallières

Gaël Chopin

From construction to destruction and back again

For its first collaboration with Apple TV, the Rodeo FX team was asked to help bring the award-winning novel from Isaac Asimov to life in the first season of this groundbreaking new space opera: Foundation

With the entire shooting delayed by COVID-19, and the delivery date only 5 months away, our team had to develop brand new processes to bring this project to life. Working closer than ever before with the client, the daunting task was a fun, new challenge for our team: destroy not only entire cities but a planet, too. Thus creating the Trantor scar, a pivotal plot twist of the entire show.

Built upon extensive research on wreckages, explosions, and earthquakes, the team was able to render what will become throughout the entire season a major component of the planet’s landscape. On Trantor, the cities are immensely dense, pushing the team to create giant areas modelled after places like Hong Kong or London…except 20 times bigger. Different levels of destruction also had to be applied to the buildings thus creating a scale from “intact” to “entirely destroyed” for each of them along the scar. The team also worked on a second critical destruction: the Aegis ship crash, another FX masterpiece entirely done digitally. 

While the first collaboration with a new client is always challenging, the quick pace and incredible opportunities forged between Rodeo and the team at Apple proved to be a powerful and valuable bond. In fact, it opened the doors to the second season where our team will continue exploring the fall of the Galactic Empire.