77 Shots

82 Crew Members

32 Sequences

8 Assets

Project Info

Release Date: October 6th, 2017



Denis Villeneuve


Warner Bros.

Overall VFX Supervisor

John Nelson

Overall VFX Producer

Karen Murphy

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Sébastien Moreau

VFX Producer

Adam O'Brien-Locke

Art Director

Deak Ferrand

Compositing Supervisor

Laurent Spillemaecker

Working closely with Denis Villeneuve, we were brought on board early on to create concept art to establish his vision of a simple and refined atmosphere for the film. Our team then was proud to build establishing shots and environments to help bring this acclaimed film to the screen.

We created the iconic dark, rainy night sequence that spans across the city of Los Angeles, with its futuristic Coca-Cola, Peugot and Atari signs. Built entirely in CG, we modeled the city, created effects for the rain and mist and created shapes formed by lighting hitting the fog. While at Archive Center, our team created a massive CG set extension and added moving artificial sunlight.

Our team was on set in Budapest for the filming of the Orphanage scenes, to which we added crowds from onset footage we took of the 30 kid actors, as well as a CG version of the satellite dish and set extensions. From the orphanage, the action moves to a boat, filmed in a Soviet power plant in Budapest. Our team digitally transformed the set to give a vast and uncluttered feeling, adding the key curvature that makes the scene look like it takes place inside a boat’s hull.

For the scenes in Vegas, our team worked on both exterior and interior environments, including the inside of the casino where the main characters meet. Inspired by Caesars Palace, we added depth and grandeur to the building’s lobby, and used matte painting to correct issues with the set lighting.

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