6 Shots

30 Crew Members

7 Sequences

1 Assets

Project Info

Release Date: March 9th, 2018



Ava DuVernay


Walt Disney Pictures

Overall VFX Supervisor

Rich McBride

Overall VFX Producer

Tamara Watts Kent

Rodeo FX Crew

VFX Supervisor

Alexandre Lafortune

VFX Producers

Julie Cardinal

Julie Kubbillun

CG Supervisor

Alexandre Lafortune

Compositing Supervisors

Julien Hery

Brandon Blevins

Our team was brought on board to help complete a number of simulation shots for the family film on time and we were delighted for the opportunity to work with Ava DuVernay and Rich McBride on this beautiful project.

DuVernay and McBride gave our team room to bring creative ideas and it was a pleasure for us to work on delivering their vision.

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