Location: Montreal

Rodeo FX is looking for a project manager with a minimum of 3 to 5 years experience in the visual effects industry. The candidate must have leadership, attention to detail and excellent organizational and communication skills. The Project Manager is assigned a film and will work with the VFX Producer, VFX Coordinators and Supervisor to ensure that production is on schedule and on budget.

Key Responsibilities

Work with the Producer to ensure that project scheduling and budget requirements are met in every department involved
Schedule milestones and plan ahead to ensure that weekly deliverables and milestones will be met
Make plan with Head of Departments, Producers and Coordinators to resolve any production issues, and manage any related impact on schedule and overtime
Work with Head of Department and Supervisors to distribute tasks and establish deadlines to artists, ensuring that assignments are varied for optimum performance and are distributed according to individual abilities and pipeline steps
Create and maintain reports that clearly illustrate department and individual artist productivity, ensuring that data provided is accurate and valid, following company-established methodology
Perform frequent walk-around to check in with crew and production staff, and ensure resolution of any issues that arise by communicating with Producers and Supervisors
Collaborate with Head of Department and production staff to ensure that the complexity of work is consistent with initial estimates, and flag issues as needed
Evaluate workload to ensure that the delivery schedule is realistic and plan accordingly
Anticipate potential production problems and take the initiative in finding solutions.
Participate in client approval meetings to make sure that they are running in accordance with studio's procedures
Supervise the work of VFX Coordinators and Production Assistants
Take part in weekly production meeting to represent your project
Create reports to show progress on your show and flag potential issues that may arise
Verify artist's time logs and is responsible for OT approval for his project

Qualifications & Experience

Minimum 3 to 5 years of production experience, preferably in visual effects for film
Post-secondary education in film production or related field
Advance knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite and Shotgun

Profile & Skills

Must be fluent in English, spoken and written. Bilingual, an asset
Be ready to participate in any training proposed by the management
Self-driven, good communicator, and a great-team player
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Work ethic focused on the dynamism and collaboration
Ability to perform multiple tasks, set priorities and problem solving

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