Location: Montreal

The Training Manager is responsible for all training at Rodeo FX.

This involves everything from building the training strategy and structure required to support training initiatives across the organisation. This also includes working closely with Heads of Departments (HODs) and HR to ensure proper planning, delivery, documentation of training for all employees.

The Training Manager is passionate about keeping Rodeo FX a great learning environment for artists, production teams and support teams in all spheres related to our growing industry. He or she fosters an education culture which pushes the organisation forward. The Training Manager stays up to date on the best practices related to Adult Education and brings added value to the organisation by recommending creative and innovative ways to elevate the skills of all Rodeo FX employees.

Key Responsibilities

Develop Training strategy and structure

Develop and implement a training strategy, framework and structure for all training at Rodeo FX, in collaboration with the Head of HR
Develop and implement training policies, procedures and processes to support training initiatives
Work with the HODs and the HR team, to understand the requirements of each department and ensure that training delivery meets those requirements
Work with global stakeholders across the organisation to develop a framework that supports all staff across the different business units

Implement training structure

Build out a content roadmap, including deliverables and timeframes with the objective to obtain sign off from stakeholders – including ongoing development and review of roadmaps
Work with the HODs, department managers and the HR team to understand Production needs and timelines in order to determine appropriate training schedules
Recommend innovative and creative training initiatives in line with business units needs across different VFX specialities
Source trainers both internally and externally to ensure effective training facilitation (for both soft skills and hard skills)

Ensure proper delivery and documentation of training initiatives

Determine appropriate ways to document training across the organisation
Identify and recommend a platform to track, document training initiatives and deliveries
Collect and update the necessary documentation to keep record of employee training, in line with Individual Development Plans (IDPs) set for employees
Collect and update the necessary documentation for the 1% law including but not limited to budgets, internal training programs and other training initiatives
Deliver onboarding training to new employees
Lead our yearly Ranch internship program

Qualifications & Experience

Post-secondary diploma or equivalent working experience
Instructional design experience
Experience as a manager, artist or technician in an Animation or Visual Effects Studio
Experience in developing and implementing a global training strategy

Profile & Skills

Ability to negotiate with different stakeholders across all levels of the organisation
Ability to design Curriculum for a variety of creative and non-creative professionals
Video production and post-production skills for the creation and capturing of learning content
Ability to navigate through ambiguity in a fast-paced environment
Excellent communication skills, both spoken and written in French and English

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