Location: Quebec

Key Responsibilities

Produce high-level photorealistic images and create seamless transitions between filmed footage and composited 2D and 3D elements
Deliver simple and complex tasks at all stages of production, from pre-comps and temp composites, to 2D tracking, 2D effects, extractions, selection and integration of elements, and colour grading
Create smooth transitions between plates and 2D/3D elements
Work with the Compositing and VFX Supervisors to find creative and technical solutions

Qualifications & Experience

Experience in compositing high-quality photorealistic images
Excellent knowledge of extraction techniques of bluescreen and greenscreen
Advanced knowledge of photography, including color, light reflection, refraction, and shadows, perspective and composition
Good knowledge of Nuke

Profile & Skills

Strong sense of composition, colour and design
Work well under pressure and tight deadlines
Able to multi-task, set priorities and find solutions
Artistic sense and precision
Eager to learn and grow as an artist
Passionate about cinema and VFX
Excellent organizational and communication skills
Bilingual, English and French, written and spoken
Each team is comprised of the following Levels of Experience. You will be asked to choose the level that best describes you, further in the application process.

Junior Artist

Recent graduate or at an early stage in your career
Minimal work experience or new to VFX
Able to perform junior level tasks
Seek experience, knowledge and mentorship from peers

Intermediate Artist

2+ years of experience in VFX
Independent, proactive and able to tackle most artistic and technical tasks
Know when to ask for help or a second opinion
Able and willing to share knowledge with peers

Senior Artist

5+ years of experience in high-end VFX
Confident in your artistic and technical skills
Able to trouble-shoot or find solutions and easily complete complex tasks
Able to contribute significantly towards the training and development of peers

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