Head of Quebec Studio / VFX Supervisor

Heading Rodeo FX in Quebec City, Martin Pelletier is a well known player in the region’s visual effects industry. Prior to his role as studio director and VFX supervisor at Rodeo FX, Martin built a career as 3D artist, 3D supervisor and VFX supervisor at notable studios.

His training as graphic artist, and then in visual effects, helped Martin develop his artistic side, as seen in his early texture and lighting work on films like Sin City and 300, whose iconic aesthetics marked the history of virtual environments. Martin later specialized on look development while working on various films, always adding his personal touch, and recognized and appreciated by his supervisors.

Climbing the ladder, Martin became 3D supervisor (Source Code, The American), before being entrusted as VFX supervisor on films like Mirror Mirror, Twilight - Breaking Dawn, and Beauty and the Beast. This recognition and responsibility allowed Martin to maximize his great interpersonal skills, which make him a natural leader, appreciated by his team, and valued by his customers.

Since joining Rodeo FX, Martin has been actively involved in setting up the Quebec studio, which has grown to more than 45 artists. Martin has also worked as VFX supervisor on films including Angelina Jolie’s Unbroken and Gods of Egypt from Alex Proyat.

Martin is a member of the Visual Effects Society (VES) and is the founder of QuebecFX, a group whose mandate is to provide artists, technicians and directors of visual effects studios in Quebec City a meeting place and exchanges where they can discuss and share their common passion.