Head of 2D / VFX Supervisor

Laurent Spillemaecker places above all his clients’ satisfaction in his roles of VFX supervisor and head of digital integration at Rodeo FX. By creating images that tell their stories, Laurent materializes on the screen the ideas that clients bring to him. Laurent is driven to not only accomplish the director’s vision, but also to ensure his team is proud of their work.

As VFX supervisor, Laurent Spillemaecker oversees every aspect of a project, ensuring that the approaches and resources used are the most effective and appropriate. Laurent's formidable efficiency is based on great technical mastery, combined with a constant quest to push artistic limits.

As head of Compositing, Laurent ensures that the contribution of each artist is proportional to their talent and that his team members are faced with greater challenges, helping them develop their talent and confidence. Demanding but always fair, Laurent pushes artists to go above and beyond, motivating them to offer the best of themselves and to finish each project with pride in their work.

Following a scientific education, Laurent turned his interest to images. From draftsman, to illustrator, and assistant Flame artist, Laurent entered the world of film production as a freelance graphic designer in France. Continuing his career in Quebec, Laurent eventually joined Rodeo FX, beginning as compositor in 2008 and rising to his current roles, in which he transmits his passion, curiosity, and his great technical and artistic knowledge to his team.