VFX Supervisor

With over 15 years of experience in the VFX field, Arnaud Brisebois has an enviable track record in visual effects. He recently served as VFX Supervisor on Andrés Muschietti’s It, Paddington 2 and on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Arnaud’s previous achievements as Art Director and Lead Matte Painter made him the perfect candidate for these projects, which were calling for a strong sense or artistry, as well as sensitivity for animation work.

Indeed, Arnaud significantly contributed to a number of projects involving creature work and animation. From designing and modeling creatures to supervising the animation pipeline, Arnaud got involved in all steps of creation. He was instrumental in conceiving and bringing to life creatures for successful movies like: Riddick, Underworld, Beauty and the Beast, Journey to the Center of the Earth, as well as TV series Dinosaur Planet. Arnaud was also nominated twice at the VES Awards, for his contribution to Last Day of the Dinosaurs and Dinosaur Planet.

In short, let’s just say that Arnaud is an amazing talent. He has a sharp eye and a quick wit. He has a very unique artistic sensibility, and very high standards of quality. He will always polish shots until he is absolutely satisfied with the level of completion and the quality of the work. Clients truly appreciate his enthusiasm, passion, collaborative attitude, and the fact that he will always deliver beyond expectations.