VFX Supervisor

Rodeo FX’s Ara Khanikian serves the company as a VFX Supervisor. He has worked on over 60 feature films during the course of his career, including Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman, for which Ara and the Rodeo FX team earned a VES Award for Best Supporting Visual Effects. Acting as the overall VFX Supervisor on the movie, Ara was instrumental in designing the imperceptible visual effects that contributed to create the single-shot illusion. Ara also contributed to a number of high profile projects, such as Downsizing, Kong: Skull Island, Star Trek: Beyond, Central Intelligence, The Last With Hunter, Tomorrowland, among others.

Ara attributes his success to staying calm and always presenting a positive attitude, while focusing on what needs the most attention at any given time. In addition to his ability to maintain a high level of organization, he is also well known for his good sense of humor.

Ara both manages the creative and technical expectations each Director requires to achieve his vision, and is also responsible for on-set supervision within his role as VFX Supervisor. Ara also provides hands-on experience and leadership when working closely with Rodeo’s artists who have been tasked with delivering shots that always meet the highest levels of quality. He is an acknowledged master at blending artistic and technical challenges, ultimately delivering to his clients the most photo-real shots possible.