Creative Content Marketing Lead

André Ü Montambeault comes with a great deal of experience as an award winning director, Senior Flame Artist and Colorist. As part of the Rodeo FX team, André shares his passion for constantly working to improve creative techniques and their technology. He uses his extensive experience as a Compositor and a Colorist to perfect the post production process with incorporating online, compositing and color grading.

“By using the Autodesk Premium Suite which simultaneously utilizes Smoke, Flame and Lustre we can deliver online, compositing and color correction in one integrated single package - all in the same room, eliminating the need to change rooms and book multiple sessions. The use of this one-step process allows commercial advertising clients to view their color corrected commercials in context, with sound, without waiting for three separate processes to take place. We’re happy to offer the ad community a new performing and unique model for online finishing.”