The Rodeo FX team recognizes that a photographic base is the cornerstone to successful photo-realistic effects. Whether it’s shooting landscapes for a matte painting or gathering photographic elements to embellish a shot, we cover the globe to get the details that your work requires.

 Our technical services rely on an extensive library of practical elements and images, which we can draw from to save time and money during production. And if the element isn’t in our library, we’ll organize a shoot to get it – from scouting to wrap. Rodeo FX also has an in-house shooting stage. With our own Red Dragon featuring a 6K sensor capable of capturing up to 300 frames per seconds at full resolution, it’s truly impressive how quickly we’re able to precisely capture what’s needed. Alongside the Red camera, we are equipped with high resolution photo cameras (up to 60 mega pixels) and our equipment allows us to produce HDRi’s, photogrammetric set surveys and high resolution references for digital matte paintings. From background plates to practical elements, our captures are deftly handled from simple to complicated images – competitively priced and within budget.