Rodeo FX is unique in using the Autodesk Premium Suite, which simultaneously utilizes Smoke, Flame and Lustre. This advanced process allows us to deliver offline, online, compositing and color correction in one integrated single package – all in the same room, eliminating the need to change rooms and book multiple sessions.

 The use of this one-step process allows commercial advertising clients to view their color corrected commercials in context, with sound, without waiting for three separate processes to take place. Rodeo FX is able to complete clients’ edits all in one session, with only one artist, enabling agencies and film-makers to complete a composite and go back for color correction instantly without compromising quality. This technique is available for commercials as well as television programming, video clips and/or film sequences.

We also have a new advertising suite fully equipped with Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro and Smoke.