Release date: 2018

In our third collaboration with director Dave Meyers, we were tagged to create all the visual effects for Travis Scott's Stop Trying to Be God music video, from his newly released album, Astroworld. Our Advertising team delivered more than 30 shots, from concept art, to CG environments, 3D animations, crowd replication, matte painting and compositing.

In Stop Trying to Be God, Travis portrays a humble shepherd who becomes a False God, hungry to be worshipped by naive followers and celebrating all types of idols— love, ego, control, etc—before a real greater power takes vengeance on him. The song features Philip Bailey, James Blake, Kid Cudi and Stevie Wonder on harmonica.

Our work on this video included adding eye lasers and puppet mouths to the 'bad' sheep, and turning blue, sunny skies into a perpetually overcast sky with an ever-present golden tunnel. We also created the dragon fire that consumes Travis Scott early on and that leaves the streets in ashes throughout the clip. We added aging effects and an exaggerated, animated mouth to Travis Scott as 'God', scanned and created a 3D model of Travis' head to later see it burn away to embers, and added a golden glow to Kylie Jenner, among other effects.

We previously worked with Dave Meyers on Justin Timberlake's Supplies and Katy Perry's Swish Swish.