Agency: Cossette
Release date:

Once again, Cossette teams up with Rodeo FX to promote the charms of the “Belle Province”!

Building on the selfie trend, Cossette’s creative team presents a number of touristic attractions offered in the different Quebec regions. Whale-watching in Tadoussac, Festival d’été de Québec, outdoor activities in the Sepaq parks, or Gregory Charles’ Vintage Experience at the Casino; there will be plenty to do in Quebec this summer!

In order to depict all these recreation destinations, Rodeo FX team shot the actors on green screen and then, integrated them in urban or bucolic environments. A very technical and well-planned shoot handled by Rodeo’s VFX Supervisor and Director of Photography Robert Bock.  The actors’ plates were then integrated with the backgrounds, which were a clever combination of live plates and set extensions. All that was left to do was the assemble and color-correct; the final touches for Rodeo FX, which was involved from beginning to end on this dynamic and colourful ad campaign!