Release date: 2018

Our Advertising department was tagged by Lg2 to produce the visual effects for the latest campaign of Les Producteurs de Lait du Québec, made of three 30 seconds spots and a web extension.

This project features Anthony Kavanagh in three different situations showcasing his love for Fromages d’ici cheese.

In “Paintings”, Kavanagh is the subject of a painting that comes to life and ruins the canvas by crying when denied cheese, joining a collection of similarly destroyed paintings in the artist’s closet. For this spot, our team enhanced the tears of the painted portraits.

The second spot, “Camping”, features Kavanagh eating cheese until he’s full, then placing his head on a ‘spare body’ with an empty stomach.

Following pre-production discussions and tests for shooting methods, our team spent 5 days on set for supervision. We designed a headband prop for Kavanagh’s head so he had something to hold while removing his head in filming. Kavanagh was scanned by TNG Visual Effects and we did grooming, camera and body matchmove and compositing for the CG head. Using the scan, our CG department prepared the makeup and hairstyle of Kavanagh’s virtual head.  

For “Mouth Full”, the final spot, puppets stand in for Kavanagh to have a conversation with his girlfriend while his mouth is full of cheese. We carried out tests in our studio with François Lallier and Lg2 to find the right look for makeup, size the puppets’ heads and establish the range of motion. While filming, we ensured the continuity of the second capture of the puppets’ faces to be faithful to the lighting, angles and proportions.