Director: Louis Letterier
VFX Supervisor: Nicholas Brooks
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Release date: 31/05/13

Rodeo FX has delivered 350 complex VFX shots for “Now You See Me,” serving as the film’s main VFX vendor. The film was released by Summit Entertainment May 31st. The Rodeo FX team created and produced a huge and diverse array of shots for the new film, comprising 23 total minutes of visual effects-driven screen time.

Rodeo’s work involved producing the VFX for dozens of sequences. These included creating: CG crowds to fill in thousands of seats of the MGM Grand Hotel and the Savoy Theater, millions of CG Euros, a magical prop named the “Crusher,” Manhattan and Chicago city matte paintings, Las Vegas “Four Horsement” signs and promo, and holographic design rising from CG water and smoke. Of particular note was Rodeo’s creation of projections onto buildings and the highly complex “Five Points” motion graphics-driven sequence (described further below.) Rodeo created numerous additional CG images, including playing cards, large bubbles, cars and helicopters, a police chase, actor doubles and even a CG rabbit.

Details about various Rodeo FX sequences for “Now You See Me” include:

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