Agency: Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R
Client: Danone
Release date: 2016

Rodeo FX teamed up with ad agency Saint-Jacques Vallée Y&R and production company Cinélande to create the new promotional campaign for Danone, which encourages people to kick off the New Year with the Activia challenge.

Since most people take good resolutions at the beginning of the year, Danone challenges them to integrate Activia to their daily routine for two weeks, and then to keep this healthy habit all year long!

In order to illustrate the four seasons during which consumers are invited to keep their resolution, Rodeo FX created more than 32 matte paintings that nicely scroll in the BG, as seasons fly by. Rodeo FX actually provided concept images to the production team prior to the shoot, so they could use them to set up the lighting. Director Jean-Michel Ravon and DOP André Turpin relied on these style frames to establish the lighting and ambiance of the four seasons.

In addition to conceiving these beautiful images, the Rodeo FX artists completed digital compositing, editing and color grading for the campaign that has been widely released on TV, on the web, in stores, and as print advertising since January 1st.