Our R&D team announced today at Siggraph the open source release of Walter, a framework that allows artists to manipulate assets across a variety of software in an efficient way.

Built using Alembic and USD, Walter is a bridge for Maya, Houdini, Katana and Arnold that allows artists to manipulate assets across these various software without the need to recreate the assets in each of them.

“This has been a considerable undertaking for our R&D team and we are seeing the results in our pipeline. Every show currently in production at Rodeo FX is using Walter. It has had a remarkable positive impact on the way we work,” said Peter Nofz, Rodeo FX’s Chief Technology Officer.

Development of Walter began with the release of USD at Siggraph in 2016, and two years later we’re ready to share it with the visual effects community. Alembic and USD paved the way to allow pipelines to make use of multiple tools. Walter builds on these so that artists no longer have to recreate assets in each tool in order to take advantage of what each tool does best.

“We’re looking forward to the reactions from the community as they start using Walter in their own pipelines and we can’t wait to see how the community helps Walter evolve,” said Jordan Soles, Vice-President of Development and Technology at Rodeo FX.


Walter is now available on Github!


Watch our tutorial videos to get acquainted with Walter: