We unveiled yesterday our Rodeo FX Quebec City team’s creative process behind the visual effects for the first season of SyFy’s Krypton. As lead visual effects studio, we created fully 3D environments during the tight production schedule of the weekly series.

Delivering close to 350 visual effects plans, our team created holograms, the striking metamorphosis of a droid and a complete digital 3D environment for the city of Kandor. From the simultaneous explosion of a complete fleet of ships, to a violent electromagnetic explosion and flaming beams of light, our team injected raw energy into this series that tells the story of Superman's grandfather, two generations before the destruction of the mother planet of the legendary Man of Steel.

Our team’s success on Krypton has led to us coming back to work on the second season announced for 2019, and plays a big part in the studios’ third expansion since opening its doors in 2014. By the end of next year, the Rodeo FX team in Quebec is expected to grow to 85 employees with the creation of 30 new jobs.