SIGGRAPH 2018 is a wrap! This year’s edition has been Rodeo FX’s biggest participation to date, with no less than 5 presentations and a booth at the job fair where we showcased our best work to an expert audience and met great talents.

The Foundry: All Stars
By Thomas Hullin, Head of Munich studio

This event, curated by The Foundry, invited top studios to present their most challenging work in the past year. Thomas took part in this insightful event, sharing our most complex sequences for Game of Thrones Season 7.

The Greatest Showman: Crafting a Period New York City with Scaled Miniatures and Painterly Backgrounds
By Martin Lipmann, VFX Supervisor, & Alexandre Ménard, Previs Supervisor

On Monday, Alexandre and Martin delved into the beautiful visual effects their team created for Michael Gracey’s The Greatest Showman. Mixing old-school and new technologies with a miniature set supervised by Martin, the duo showcased the stunning images from concepts to final shots, describing the three stages of the Barnum Theater and how we dramatically destroyed the asset in the sequence of the museum on fire.

Walter: An Open Source VFX Framework for USD and Alembic
By Guillaume Laforge, Head of R&D

As part of the USD Certified Lean, eh?’ presentation, our Head of R&D, Guillaume Laforge, introduced Walter, a VFX framework built on USD and Alembic, that acts like a is a bridge for Maya, Houdini, Katana and Arnold. Guillaume illustrated how Walter allows artists to manipulate assets across different software without the need to recreate the assets.

During the presentation, Guillaume also had the pleasure of announcing the Open Source release of Walter, now available for everyone on Github!

Production Session
Game of Thrones Season 7: Orchestrating Sea Battles and Blowing Up a Big Wall
By Isabelle Langlois, VP Production, and Thomas Hullin, Head of Munich studio

Production sessions are among the most anticipated events at Siggraph, so it was with great pride that our team led a production session showcasing one of Rodeo FX’s major projects of 2017, Game of Thrones Season 7.

Isabelle Langlois addressed the unique challenges of dealing with this size of a production and Thomas Hullin demonstrated the techniques and ingeniosity behind the two main sequences delivered last year.

Isabelle and Thomas were met with a very warm welcome from the audience, which gathered almost 1,000 attendees

Visual Visage
IT: How to Build a Terrifying Clown
By Dominic Piché, Modeling Supervisor, and Mikaël Damant-Sirois, Head of 3D

Another successful talk for the duo presenting their work on the nightmare-inducing adaptation of Stephen King's IT -- a novel which single-handedly destroyed clowns for generations. It was an incredible opportunity to bring the Losers' deepest fears to the screen by giving life to iconical character Pennywise, and Dominic and Mikael got to share with attendees the creative and technical processes behind the shape-shifting clown.

Siggraph Job fair
By Kim Vaage and Claudel Côté-Savard, HR Recruiters

Our recruiters spent two incredibly busy days at the Rodeo FX booth. Kim, from our Montreal studio, and Claudel, from our Quebec City studio, met hundreds of people during the job fair and spotted some great talents.