March 6, 2017

Rodeo FX partnered with Les Rendez-vous du cinema Quebecois (RVCQ) to present a visual effects-themed program on March 2 for the organization’s 35th film festival. The event, held February 23 to March 4, celebrates Quebec’s cinematographic talent.

The afternoon kicked off with two presentations by Rodeo FX team members during RVCQ’s Le Rendez-vous Pro, which provides a platform for discussing the challenges related to cinema.

Ara Khanikian discussed VFX used in the Oscar-winning movie Birdman (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance), directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu. Ara, who supervised the work of the Rodeo FX team, explained the technical wizardry behind the single-shot film and how they transformed the visible into the invisible.

André Montambeault and Laurent Spillemaecker then shared how they brought their magic touch to Kim Nguyen’s Two Lovers and a Bear. Turns out that polar bear was not always as cooperative as he appears in the movie. Laurent acted as Rodeo FX’s on-set supervisor, while André supervised a team of 35 artists who completed nearly 180 visual effects shots.

The day ended beautifully with a presentation on Arrival’s amazing visual effects, designed almost entirely by Quebec studios. This presentation was also part of RVCQ’s prestigious Leçon de cinéma series.

The segment opened with a presentation by Louis Morin, who supervised all the VFX studios contributing to Arrival. Rodeo FX’s Alexandre Lafortune covered the work done by his prior studio colleagues at Oblique FX, which he supervised. Rodeo FX’s Arnaud Brisebois and Philippe Théroux of Hybride completed the VFX picture. The four speakers fascinated the audience with their in-depth explanations and impressive visual presentations of the poetic work created by the studios.

Rodeo FX is proud of this initial collaboration with RVCQ and pleased to contribute to an event that celebrates local talent and expertise.