Last Friday, we held our EPIC annual Halloween Party and took everyone back to the eighties at Montreal’s Bain Mathieu.

The old public bath, turned party venue, hosted our Snowball, a tribute to Hawkins Middle School’s 1984 school dance. Featuring the biggest disco, a waffle bar Eleven would approve of, a gif booth, and a dance floor the size of a pool. Even demogorgons made an appearance.

Our artists went all out and the costume contest was fierce. Beards were shaved into Tom Selleck mustaches, we saw glitter dresses and pastel tuxedos galore, and Montreal ran out of  hairspray. Also spotted: too many mullets, a quartet of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, an expanded Ghostbusters team, a few muertos, and many other fantastic costumes.

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without zombies. As an homage to our work on The Walking Dead, terrifying zombies, played by professional dancers, were joined by our grooviest team members on dance floor to perform a surprise flashmob to Michael Jackson’s Halloween classic, Thriller. The cheering crowd surely woke up a dead or two...

The festivities went on until the wee hours of the morning -- another great party, [Rodeo] style!