February 22, 2016

Rodeo FX has won a Satellite Award in the Best Visual effects category for The Walk, along with artists from Atomic Fiction and UPP. The 20th annual IPA Satellite Awards were handed out over the weekend in Century City, California.

“We are very excited to win a Satellite Award,” said Sébastien Moreau, VFX supervisor on The Walk and president of Rodeo FX. “The Walk is a wonderful achievement in filmmaking and it’s gratifying to have our work recognized by the International Press Academy.”

Moreau was one of four who received the award for The Walk, along with Kevin Baillie, the production VFX supervisor from Atomic Fiction, Associate VFX Supervisor Jim Gibbs, and VFX supervisor Victor Muller at UPP.

Rodeo FX, which delivered more than 100 visual effects shots, painstakingly recreated the World Trade Center and its surroundings for The Walk, including CG reconstructions of the Twin Towers and other scenes from 1970s New York. This is the true story of Philippe Petit's 1974 high-wire walk between the Twin Towers. Taking the viewer back to 1970s Manhattan, with the Twin Towers once again gracing its skyline, required every specialty at Rodeo FX.

“It was a real honour to work with Robert Zemeckis, one of the greatest visual storytellers, and we are extremely proud to have contributed to bring his very unique vision to life,” added Moreau. “This project also required a really close and creative collaboration with Kevin and the Atomic Fiction team, the results of which are evident in the stunning images on the screen.”

Earlier this year, Rodeo FX was also nominated for a VES Award in theOutstanding Supporting Visual Effects in a Photoreal Feature category for its work on The Walk.

The Satellite Awards are annual awards given by the International Press Academy that are commonly noted in entertainment industry journals and blogs. The awards were originally known as the Golden Satellite Awards.

Distributed by Sony Pictures Entertainment and directed by Robert Zemeckis,The Walk stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Charlotte Le Bon, and Ben Kingsley. The film was released to theatres on Oct. 2, 2015.

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