Our Quebec City studio held a special celebration to mark five years since opening its doors. The studios’ 50 talented artists and their families enjoyed cotton candy cocktails and delicious bouchées as well as pool, arcade games, and a photo booth to capture the moment.

We are very proud of our team in Quebec City for their hard work and their passion. Opened in 2014, Rodeo FX Quebec is located in Saint-Roch, a dynamic neighbourhood that is home to the city’s thriving tech hub.

In only five years, the studio has undergone three expansions and has led groundbreaking series such as Syfy’s Krypton Season 1, The Walking Dead Season Season 8 and 9, Fear the Walking Dead Season 2 and 3, and feature films, including Game Night, The Last Witch Hunter, and Gods of Egypts.

Martin Pelletier, head of Rodeo FX Quebec City, looked back on the studio’s achievements during the celebration, noting how far the team has come and how much they have exceeded all expectations. We join Martin in congratulating our Quebec City team for delivering such extraordinary work on incredible shows.

The Rodeo FX team in Quebec City continues to grow and is actively hiring artists to work on the second season of Krypton and other challenging (and confidential) shows. The team is expected to grow to 85 employees by the end of the year.