January 28, 2016

Rodeo FX expands Quebec City Office

Less than two years after the official opening of it’s Québec City office, Rodeo FX moves forward to expand its facility in the Vieille Capitale.

Comprised of 30 artists, technicians and managers, the Québec team has already contributed to a number of projects. “We are extremely proud of the expansion of our team in Québec,” says President Sébastien Moreau. “We knew there was a broad pool of talent in Québec City, and these artists’ contribution to high profile projects is very significant.

This new expansion doubles the working space of the facility, which is located in the vibrant St-Roch neighbourhood. This new office space will soon welcome close to 50 artists and managers who will work in concert with the Montreal and Los Angeles teams to create more smashing visual effects for feature films and TV series.

Our Québec team is versatile, dynamic, full of talent, and brings a new dimension to Rodeo’s contribution to its numerous projects,” proudly says Martin Pelletier, Québec Studio Manager and VFX Supervisor. “We have experienced artists who mentor the new graduates from local schools, and the results of this team work is just incredible.

Opening in 2014

Rodeo FX’s President Sébastien Moreau decided to open an office in Québec in 2014 because he wanted to take advantage of the local talent. “The incredible talent of the Québecois artists is recognized all around the world, as evidenced by the number of artists working in first class VFX studios all around the world,” explains Sébastien Moreau. “I think it is important to offer to the artists the opportunity to work on major film productions here, in Québec, in an attractive working and living environment.

Close to a hundred people attended the opening ceremony and celebrated the expansion of Rodeo FX’s Québec office.