Rodeo FX is proud to have sponsored the 2018 Québec Cinéma Gala nominees' Happy Hour last Monday at the Furco Bar in Montreal. The 193 finalists selected by the jury were invited to come and celebrate this great achievement. 

During the evening, Executive Director Ségolène Roederer addressed a few words to the audience, highlighting the talent of Quebec film artists. At her side, Jean-François "Jafaz" Ferland from Alchemy 24 also spoke on behalf of Rodeo FX to highlight the success of the nominated artists as well as their tenacity and perseverance. 

Rodeo FX acquired in 2017 the Quebec company Alchemy 24, which shines in the local and international cinema market. We would like to extend our congratulations to the Alchemy 24 team for their triple nominations in the category of Best Visual Effects for Les Affamés, Le problème d'infiltration and Pieds nus dans l'aube

The artisan's Gala will be held on May 29th, good luck to all!