We welcomed Spring today and celebrated International Day of Happiness with some very special guests at our Montreal studios.

Four foster families from the MIRA Foundation brought their little furry charges to tour our studios and meet our team.

MIRA Puppies on the Iron Throne

Socialization is an essential part of learning for puppies, particularly so for MIRA puppies who will grow up to be service dogs. By coming to visit us, the puppies were exposed to new people and new environments.

MIRA Puppies visit Rodeo FXMIRA Puppies at Rodeo FXMIRA Puppies at Rodeo FX Montreal

Needless to say, today was a very HAPPY day at Rodeo FX Montreal!

Rodeo FX is proud to donate to the MIRA Foundation. Learn more about how you can help support this wonderful organization: http://www.mira.ca

MIRA Puppy at Rodeo FX