Rodeo FX is thrilled to welcome colorist Lyne Lepage, who joins our Advertising team. A specialist in colorimetry and digital compositing for film and television, Lyne brings an extensive wealth of experience and knowledge to the team along with her passion for cinematography and advertising.

"I am thrilled to be joining the talented advertisement team at Rodeo FX, an inspiring place with such a unique culture combining creativity and outstanding work” said Lyne Lepage, who joins Rodeo FX from Fly Studio, where she worked as a Lustre colorist on a myriad of advertising, film and multimedia projects alongside notable directors and top agencies. Lyne has previously worked as a Flame artist at Rodeo FX and Modus FX, and has taken previous pedagogic roles at Autodesk.

"The growth of the advertising department called for a high end and established colorist and Lyne came as a natural choice" said André Ü Montambeault, Head of Advertising.

As well as her remarkable technical talents, which she has honed over a 20 year career, and her expertise with Lustre and Flame products, Lyne is highly creative and affable and has significant experience working with directors and clients. Our team is delighted to welcome Lyne as our first dedicated colorist.