July 24, 2014

Luc Besson’s Lucy finally opens today, after weeks of exciting promotion. Scarlett Johansson is seeing a lot of action it this typical Besson movie, where we track Lucy, a young woman forced by the mob to carry drugs in her stomach. The drugs inadvertently leak in her system giving her ever-increasing super-powers, as she learns how to use more than the normal 10% of her brain capacity.

Rodeo FX completed more than 160 VFX shots that contributed to a number of exciting sequences, including the breath-taking car chase through the busy streets of Paris. Rodeo was actually on set with Luc Besson to supervise the shoot of the car chase, which it helped choreograph through the creation of the previs. Our team also designed the colorful light rays emitted by the various mobile devices as well as conceived and skillfully crafted Lucy’s supernatural x-ray vision. The artists created extensive matte paintings and CG set extensions for the city of Taipei, modeled and animated various CG weapons, and achieved considerable digital compositing feats all within an IMAX friendly 4K resolution. Rodeo’s workload was a perfect blend of highly technical effects conceived through a creative and conceptual iterative process with the director.

Produced by EuropaCorp and distributed by Universal Pictures, Lucy was selected to open the Locarno Film Festival. It hits theaters on July 25 in North America, and will also be presented in some IMAX theaters starting August 8. The movie stars Scarlett Johansson (The Avengers, Lost in Translation, Vicky Cristina Barcelona) as the title character, along with Morgan Freeman (The Shawshank Redemption, Batman, Seven). Eric Serra, a long-time collaborator of Luc Besson’s, composed the music. VFX studio Industrial, Light & Magic also contributed to the visual effects of Lucy.

Official Lucy website