June 20, 2010

Since September 2009, the Rodeo FX team has been busy and some of the fruit of its efforts will soon be available to the general public, with the upcoming release of Jonah Hex on June 18th and Twilight Eclipse on June 30th.

Jonah Hex tells the story of a disfigured cynical cowboy endowed with supernatural powers and on a quest for vengeance following the murder of his family. Rodeo FX has created 4 shots for this Jimmy Hayward film produced by Warner Brother, including 2 wide shots of the Independence Harbour in Virginia in the late 19th century. The team’s work lasted several weeks and required the 3D modelling and matte painting of most of this town, following research on the architecture of the time. This film stars Josh Brolin, Megan Fox and John Malkovich.

Twilight, of course, needs no introduction. This time, Rodeo FX was involved in the third opus of the saga from the very start, with the participation of the company’s co-founder and art director Mathieu Raynault, who spent 6 weeks in Vancouver with the production team to prepare the design of some scenes. Rodeo artists subsequently continued to work on the film, culminating in the creation of 23 shots, including a wide shot of the city of Seattle in full 3D, based on a projection of photographs of the city and a magnificent matte painting of the view from vampire Edward’s family house balcony. Most of the other shots in which Rodeo FX was involved star the three main leads, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison and Taylor Lautner talking outside their famous school.

In addition, as a result of its work on Terminator Salvation and Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, Rodeo FX continued its collaboration with George Lucas’ prestigious visual effects company, Industrial, Light and Magic, for the creation of digital environments for 54 shots in another blockbuster to be released this summer. This project may be unveiled in the near future: don’t miss it! Rodeo FX has also been involved in Denis Villeneuve’s most recent film, Incendies, due to be released in theatres this autumn.