The Kid Who Would Be King from director Joe Cornish is a modern take on the tale of King Arthur brought to life with the help of our team.

Some of our key work on this magic film centers around animated trees, from the design to the final animation. First seen in the training sequence of Merlin teaching the four heroes to fight, our animators paid particular attention to the interaction of the trees with the grass and the soil. Later in the film, when the trees are turned against the kids, our artists took a different approach to the animation of the trees to reflect their aggressiveness towards our knights-to-be, becoming almost full characters. All these outdoor scenes also required set extensions and environment enhancement from our team.

For the tunnel sequence, we created and animated the vines as they interact with the main characters, grabbing them and taking them away. We also created set extensions for the tunnel itself.

Throughout the film, our artists transformed Merlin into an owl when he sneezes, which turns into some of the funniest moments of the movie. To give the owl its distinct personality, we recreated the movements of an old, shaggy and tired wizard as he flies from afar.