February 3, 2015

HBO’s popular series Game of Thrones, for which Rodeo FX was one of the VFX studios that won an Emmy and an HPA Award last year, won a VES Award last night. Game of Thrones: The Children won for Outstanding VFX in a VFX-Driven Photoreal/Live Action Broadcast Program. This is the 3rd VES Award in a row for Game of Thronesin this prestigious category.

In collaboration with production VFX Supervisor Joe Bauer and VFX Producer Steve Kullback, Rodeo FX and a handful of VFX studios produced the amazing visual effects of the 4th season of this fantastic series.

Rodeo FX created more than 150 VFX shots for season 4, including the majestic city of Meereen, the CG Unsullied army, and the CG cavalry and digital environments of Stannis attack, among other sequences. Our artists are currently crafting the visual effects for season 5, which will air on HBO this spring.

Congratulations to HBO, Joe Bauer, Steve Kullback, and to all the studios and artists who contributed to the spectacular visual effects of Game of Thrones.